Terms and Conditions

Due to each of our flood barriers being custom made per client requirements, it is the client’s responsibility to provide accurate measurements. Please ensure your measurements are correct before ordering, as DEFE will not take responsibility for incorrect measurements.

In the case of the measurement being too long, we can re-cut the board to your required specifications. An additional service charge will be applied.

In the case of the measurement being too short, we unfortunately cannot add further length to the flood barrier without severely impacting your protection. In this case, you can measure the wall again and we will construct a new barrier. You will be recharged for this service.

DEFE barriers are non-refundable. Should damage occur during transit, we will provide a replacement if contacted within 5 working days.

While we are confident in our product, due to the erratic and unforeseeable nature of floods, we cannot guarantee that your protected area will remain entirely water-free. DEFE will not accept responsibility for any damage occurring in your protected area.