• A standard airbrick left unprotected could allow over 5,000 litres of water per hour to enter a property during a flood. Available in 2 standard colours, the Anti-flood Airbrick is the world's first BSI Kitemark™ certified airbrick to protect against flooding. (PAS 1188-1:2014) It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick it allows air to freely pass through complying with BS493:1995, but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off.  
  • An anti-flooding device protecting interiors from flooding caused by backflow of sewage. Such risk exists most frequently in sanitary drain systems connected to combined and other sewage systems. The 50mm backwater valve is an ideal anti-flooding device for protecting interiors from flooding caused by backflow of wastewater in all drainage-related systems such as washing basins, kitchen sinks, shower bases and dishwashing machines.
  • This simple, inflatable device can be used to minimise sewage backflow through the toilet under flood conditions.
  • The backflow of sewage through a property’s sewage system can be a major cause of damage in flood conditions. The 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water. Under normal operating conditions the 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve is fully open allowing solids to flow freely and unrestricted through the valve. In flood conditions when water surges back through the drainage system the gate is automatically deployed by the hydraulic pressure of the water. The gate is sealed against a neoprene gasket and this prevents backflow past the gate. Inspection and maintenance is made easy with a fully rod-able system and a clear inspection lid. Sewage backflow can cause untold damage resulting in long term consequences and high clean up expenses. This can be prevented using this simple yet effective product.
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