About DEFE Flood Barriers

DEFE Flood Barriers is an Irish company which was set up in 2018. We offer customised flood barrier protection for your home, business and community. Our flood barriers are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, offering a unique, made-to-measure product.

In March 2018, our home and garden were flooded by the sea. Despite taking flood protection measures, sea water found its way under our back door and windows and flooded our ground floor. After considerable research, we found that most products on offer were prohibitively expensive, awkward, time-consuming to install, and weren’t completely effective. We decided to introduce an affordable, durable, easy-to-install product manufactured in Ireland for the Irish market.

Since our establishment, the demand for our DEFE flood barriers has grown rapidly. Flooding is a serious problem in Ireland, and one that is only going to get worse. We firmly believe that our products offer a safe, durable and affordable option to any property in a flood risk area. Our flood barriers have been stringently tested to comply with PAS 1188 standard.

We love living beside the water, and we are thankful that we may continue to live there safely with the help of our DEFE flood barriers.