DEFE Flood Barriers

Based in Wicklow Ireland, we supply heavy duty, compact and durable flood protection products.  DEFE Flood Barriers are specifically engineered to prevent water and flood damage for a wide variety of premises. These flood barriers are ideal for use on residential doors and windows, underground entrances, car parks, schools and public service amenities. We offer value for money and guarantee a quality product delivered directly.

DEFE is dedicated to providing an affordable and efficient service to our clients located in flood risk locations.

Secure your home or business

Each of our flood barriers feature limitless width options, and are custom made to measure per our client’s specifications. In the case of the barrier width being greater than 4,000mm (depending on the height of the post), an additional connecting middle post support will be supplied to provide added durability against heavy water pressure.


Easy to Install

Initial installation of the post requires minimal tools, and can be completed by a single person. Once completed, no maintenance is required. The two wall post will remain permanently secured and ready for use until you need them.

Ready for floods in 2-3 minutes

Thanks to the lightweight and durable design, the 6063-T5 aluminium dam beams are easily stored and transported when not in use. In the event of a flood warning, DEFE flood barriers can be swiftly deployed in 2-3 minutes.

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Built to Last

The heavy duty post uses 304 stainless steel securing bolts and high density EPDM rubber seals between connecting components and along the bottom. This creates a durable and high pressure seal within the flood barrier to protect your investments.

Due to the high quality materials used in their construction, DEFE flood barriers have a long product lifespan, allowing them to defend your properties from flood or water damage for years to come. We offer a 20 year warranty with all our flood barriers.

Ready to protect your property?